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*Market-leading*Lace Zipper Sculpt Mid Short

*Market-leading*Lace Zipper Sculpt Mid Short


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Key Features/Content Points


  • Waist high elastic lace design, can reshape the waist curve, highlight the figure to create unique charm
  •  Lace on the leg attach with an interior silicone underband to prevent rollingrelieves the binding toward thighs and prevent rolling up, excudes a combination of aesthestic appeal and practical function
  • Double-layered abdominal compression, tummy tuck and waist shaping
  • Scratch-resistant fabric added to the inside of the zipper to prevent skin from being rubbed by the zipper
  • Front zipper and built-in hook and eye: Easy to put on and take off

*Support Level: Strong


  • Seam-seald fabric with lace combine well-fitting feeling with an elegant and sexy looking


  • Double-layered fabric is more breathable enabling a more easy strecth for body movement 

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