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Join Our Team of Collaborators!

Age & Location

  • Age: 18-40
  • Location: USA/UK/Germany/Australia/French

Platform for Content Posting

  • TikTok/Instagram/YouTube
  • Applicants who can post on multiple platforms are preferred.

Content Requirements

  • Video Content: Tryon and Showcasing product, sharing detailed product features, and user experience.
  • Photo Content: Tryon and Showcasing product, highlighting design features.
  • Refer to the vodep script provided separately by our PR staff for content creation.

Breach Warning

  • Failure to fulfill cooperation obligations without notifying reasons will result in permanent placement on our cooperation blacklist.
  • The brand reserves the right to publish these lists on official Instagram accounts, marked as untrustworthy collaborators.

Cooperation flow

How to Apply and Complete for Collab?


  • Register as a user on this website.
  • Fill in the platforms where you'll collaborate in your account profile.
  • Fill in your country in your account profile.

NOTE: There is a guide video for the correct registration below, please check.

Place Your Order

After registering, select ONE Product and place an order.


  • Only ONE product can be selected. Orders with multiple products will be decided by staff to send specified product. Applicants need to fulfill content requirements for the sent product.
  • If any errors occur during ordering, please contact us with the order number and necessary changes via Instagram @mooslover.daily.

Profile Review

  • Our staff will review the social profile information of users who have placed orders.
  • Orders from applicants whose social account content meets the requirements will be arranged for delivery, while orders from applicants not meeting the requirements will be canceled.

Collab Confirmation

  • Upon approval of collab orders, applicants will receive email notifications with specific cooperation agreement requirements and posting schedule requirements.

Completion of Collaboration

  • After posting collab content on social platforms, upload the content links to the corresponding location on your account profile or share it to our Instagram @mooslover.daily
  • Timely completion of content posting and link uploading/sharing is considered the completion of collaboration.

Review and Further Collab

Timely and outstanding content creators will have the chance to become brand ambassadors, free to tryon brand new products every month, with opportunities for a 8% - 15% commission collaboration relationship.

Correct Registration Process